Web Components Graphic

Wish you had an easier way of customizing your player? 

This webinar will:

  • give you code examples to get you started.
  • give you insights on why and how you should use  WebComponents
  • give you insights on how to create custom components
  • give you hands-on tips on how to use release channels effectively 

With the latest version of the player (Flowplayer Native v3), we wanted to take customization & configuration to the next level.

We headed off to rewrite the whole UI layer with WebComponents. At the same time, we created a registry for the player that contains all the components the player uses to build the UI.

Join our Head of Player Development, Niklas Närhinen.

When? Watch recording when it is best for you.

How? Download the recording by filling out the form.


Watch the recording of our webinar on WebComponents!